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Blockchain technology has good days ahead
Investors are watching the impressive rally of the cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin has recently updated the record high for the first time since December 2017 to consolidate above $20,000. The largest cryptocurrency by market cap is now trading at $24,000, gaining over 220% so far this year. Ethereum has surged over 400% YTD, rallying as the second-largest cryptocurrency is adopting a major update called Ethereum 2.0.



The green rush is at sight
Two major Canadian producers of cannabis – Aphria and Tilray, agreed to merge their operations and create the largest cannabis company by sales. The new formation will have a total value of almost $4 million and will maintain Tilray’s name. It is estimated to generate 12-month revenues of $685 million, well above the sales of Canopy Growth and Curaleaf’s $500 million, both of which have larger market capitalizations.


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