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by Swissquote Analysts
联邦公开市场委员会纪要显示,在中美两国签署了第一阶段贸易协议后,和全球贸易和经济增长相关的风险有所减弱。不过发生了其他风险,包括冠状病毒的爆发。美联储强调需要密切关注冠状病毒爆发后的发展趋势,不过美国经济正以“温和的速度”增长,且就业市场维持强劲,美联储后续政策则“有可能妥善维持一段时间按兵不动”。美联储预计会从第二季度起阻止购债,但是美国主权债务市场交易活动显示,投资者预计美联储将会在今年下半年至少再降息一次。 美股在新的交易日又创下了新的高点记录。美联储发表...
The Board of Directors of UBS Group AG announced today it has named Ralph Hamers as its new Group Chief Executive Officer and President of the Executive Board of UBS AG, effective 1 November 2020. Hamers currently serves as CEO of ING Group. UBS Group AG Board Chairman Axel A. Weber said, "Ralph...
由于美国总统唐纳德.特朗普终止了一项提议,该提议阻止通用电气将自己生产的飞机发动机销售至中国市场,特朗普还发推文称“美国不希望完全阻止同中国做生意”,受此影响,亚洲股市周三反弹。特朗普在全球经济饱受冠状病毒肆虐的情况下作出让步举动,投资者们对此欢欣鼓舞。特别是随着第一阶段中美贸易协议已经达成,从而会确保价值2000亿美元的美国商品可以出口至中国,一味刺激市场对贸易问题担忧只会令形势更加恶化。这又是何必呢。 日经指数上涨0.95%,上证综合指数上涨0.24%,澳大...
Walmart Inc. reported sluggish holidays sales despite continued online gains, adding to a string of disappointments from traditional retailers as they adjust to changing shopping habits. Walmart said U.S. comparable sales, those from stores and digital channels operating for at least 12 months,...
Apple Inc. became the first major U.S. company to say it won't meet its revenue projections for the current quarter due to the coronavirus outbreak, which it said had limited iPhone production for world-wide sales and curtailed demand for its products in China. The tech giant had last month...