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Research Market strategy
by Swissquote Analysts
澳洲联储出人意料的温和偏见令澳元承压,市场参与者最终预计其将进一步实施宽松货币政策。尽管近期立场发生了变化,但我们仍预计澳洲联储将在2019年进行三轮降息后,于2020年2月4日举行的2020年首次MPC会议上将现金利率降至0.50%,即使美中贸易冲突的结果仍然对后者起到重要作用。由于政府财政政策极有可能进一步放松,澳洲联储的最后一个堡垒可能是实施非常规政策(即量化宽松)。 因此,随着北京对与美国达成临时贸易协议的前景感到悲观,商品货币的前景已经发生了很大变化。继...
The Trump administration extended a license Monday allowing rural telecom providers to continue working with Chinese equipment maker Huawei Technologies Co. despite national security-related restrictions imposed six months ago. The Commerce Department has added 90 days to the duration of a...
Fibrosis, or scarring in the body's organs, is becoming an increasingly hot market as drugmakers make headway in stopping its progression. Roche is buying Promedior for $1.39B in cash and milestones to secure a drug that could treat the lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, or IPF, and...
由于市场参与者似乎相信杰里米•科尔宾领导的工党在2019年12月12日大选中获胜的概率已“接近零”的这一事实,英镑似乎从上周就已经开始复苏。然而,奈杰尔•法拉奇领导的英国脱欧党候选人进入大选竞赛可能会改变投票结果的格局。 毫不奇怪的是,最近发布的经济数据似乎并没有影响英镑的走势。尽管下行风险继续给英镑带来压力,但下周初将发布新的民意调查可能会支撑英镑,目前英镑似乎处于超买状态。本周早些时候公布的英国第三季度GDP数据一直在支持英国经济已摆脱衰退的情况。但是,其年率...
Walmart Inc. said sales rose in the most recent quarter, a sign that the retail behemoth continues to take market share from competitors and benefit from strong consumer spending ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. U.S. comparable sales, those from stores and websites operating for at...